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ISO Consultancy / Management System Consultancy

Antris Management Solutions offer a range of Consultancy on various ISO / management systems with the goal to help clients gain a competitive advantage by providing expert, top down Consultancy: starting with initial evaluation and through to detailed implementation throughout the whole organisation.

Our ISO Consultancy and management system projects are usually initiated at top management level, where we jointly identify the gap in meeting ISO standard and management system requirements.

By focusing on the improvement of management systems and processes on both a strategic and tactical level, Antris Management Solutions has enabled its clients to achieve ongoing financial and efficiency benefits. These benefits are achieved by eliminating waste, implementing standardisation, improving productivity and enhancing customer satisfaction.

ISO related Training / Management System Training

Antris Management Solutions provides various ISO  and management system training to enable you to get the best out of your management system.

Training will underpin your efforts towards organisational improvement, and help the companies to meet the Certification Body requirements for registration to the appropriate standard.

Maintenance Program

Antris Management Solutions provides on-going service or maintenance program for companies that wish to outsource the resources needed to maintain and improve their certified management system. The Consultant from Antris Management Solutions you have been working with through the implementation of the management system, will be tasked with carrying out all your internal audits and chairing your management review meeting in accordance with your internal audit programme. 
A key reason why a large number of companies take up this option is our continued guarantee of success. We guarantee that, through your surveillance and future external audits, you shall still conform to the ever-changing standards. The cost of failing future audits could far outweigh the cost of continuing support from Antris Management Solutions.

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